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Семінар з англійської мови

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29 серпня 2011 року в м.Одеса відбувся семінар від видавництва MM Publications та компанії Лінгвіст.

Теми семінарів: Teaching young learners through songs.How to create a motivating learning environment with songs The ideal Coursebook for young learners Bringing the real world into the classroom through reading


Семінар проводила: Angela Konstance Born in Sydney, Australia. She completed her Bachelor and Master’s degree in teaching English at Macquarie University, Australia. She has had extensive experience in Primary and Secondary schools in Australia and Europe. She is involved in teacher’s training. She has also worked with MM Publications as an editor, ELT consultant and teacher trainer. Recently, she was a plenarist at a very important convention in Pachuca, Mexico.


Програма семінару в Одесі:

12.00 – 12.30 Реєстрація

12.30 – 13.30 Teaching young learners through songs. How to create a motivating learning environment with songs Participants in this seminar will explore practical ways to make the most of their young learners' energy, curiosity and enthusiasm in order to facilitate the learning process. Ideas on how teachers can exploit songs in the ELT classroom will be presented which are guaranteed to liven up their classes.

13.30 – 13.50 Перерва, книжкова виставка

13.50 – 14.40 The ideal Coursebook for young learners Teachers often spend a lot of time creating their own materials in order to meet specific instructional needs not covered in the coursebook they are using, or to make their lessons more exciting and appealing to students. What would a coursebook be like if it actually incorporated all these creative ideas and materials? (Hands-on activities, interactive whiteboard material, integration of skills, etc.)

14.40 – 15.30 Bringing the real world into the classroom through reading Reading is an interactive process; therefore, learners should be trained to develop appropriate skills and strategies. Participants in this workshop will be presented with effective techniques to help their students develop their reading skills and sub-skills (reading for gist, scanning, etc.) A number of factors involved when teaching teenagers and young adults (motivating topics, authentic spoken English, variety of texts and tasks) will be examined.

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